10. God Loves Uganda Many know of the sickening anti-gay bill attempting to pass in Uganda. Many have seen the shocking homophobic videos from Ugandan pastors about LGBT people. Some might have even heard of the murder of David Kato, a gar rights activist in Uganda a couple years ago. The unsettling documentary God Loves […]

Carlos Reygadas’s  Post Tenebras Lux is an incredible film full of both visual beauty and ugliness. It had been awhile since a film has transported me to a world so interesting, complicated, and thought provoking. It reminded me how, through the use of sight and sound, cinema is able to reflect the world in all […]

On this day we remember the lives that have been lost …. Many of these people loved so well and filled those around them with joy. The devastation that the epidemic wreaked here and abroad is horrific. Today can be a day of both mourning and of celebration. We mourn for the lives that were […]

Civil Rights leader and theologian Howard Thurman wrote this beautiful liturgy/prayer that I thought would be fitting to share on Thanksgiving Day. “A Litany of Thanksgiving” by  Howard Thurman “Today, I make my Sacrament of Thanksgiving. I begin with the simple things of my days: Fresh air to breathe, Cool water to drink, The taste […]

12 Years a Slave is the best film I’ve thus far in 2013. It is the third film from British filmmaker Steve McQueen who continues to be one of the most talented directors living today. His knack for powerful framing and camera movement that reflects the nature of the scene is uncanny. He’s also unique […]

  “From the days of John the Baptist until now, the Kingdom of God suffers violence, and the violent bear it away.” Matthew 11:12 “The necessity is for men to redefine masculinity, to produce a masculinity whose desire is no longer dependent on oppression, no longer policed by homophobia, and one that no longer resorts […]

If anyone takes a look at my blog they will notice that in between February and May there was a rather significant dead period on the blog. This is due to many contributing factors. First being that I was busy with the worst semester of my life. Second being that I was writing a lot […]