An Experimental Review: Melancholia

Two sisters. Justine and Claire. Two planets.  Earth and Meloncholia.Two chapters. Two ways of viewing life. Two ways of viewing death.

Life is pointless, evil. It would be better if humanity were deceased. Human nature has a sweet outer shell, but at its core is selfish and rotten.

Life is brutal at times, but there is much beauty to be found in it as well. Love, family, and parenthood provide our lives with goodness. Life is a blossoming garden not a barren desert.

An overwhelming feeling of sadness that comes without warning. This depression does not care whether its human inhabitance is with others or alone. It makes one weak, deeply sorrowful, doubtful of God’s existence, and misunderstood by those closest.

Trying to understand one another. Longing for a connection when the relationship seems the most strained. One makes earnest attempts; it is when these attempts are so good-natured that they hurt the most when they fail miserably.

How should one confront death? It will happen to everyone at some point or another. Therefore acceptance or fear, no longer survival, become the two options …

Is humanity devastatingly alone in this large, vast universe? Perhaps we are just small ants running about chaotically for our short life span. Besides if there is a creator, why would this being create such a cruel, selfish, and uncaring lot of creatures that seem to tear each other apart more than anything. Is the world already spiritually dead?

Death, love, chaos, cruelty, depression, dread, pain, suffering, conflict, beauty and the end of the world collide in Lars Von Trier’s recent masterpiece Melancholia. A film full of so many disturbing, but necessary questions about this planet that human beings inhabit.

His images and characters (simply outstanding performances) imbed themselves into ones brain; Von Trier refuses to settle for easy answers, he refuses to simplify the complex mystery of our existence.

Which makes for art of the highest kind.

And a film that I haven’t been able to get out of my head for weeks.


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