Monthly Archives: February 2012

This Bitter Earth: Killer of Sheep

A husband and wife dancing slowly to Dinah Washington’s This Bitter Earth. The temptation of achieving security through crime.   A dirt clod war between teenage boys in an abandoned construction site. The fear that one has failed as a man. The washing away of sheep blood. The hope of a transcendent moment. A bicycle spinning […]

Breaking the Silence: Junia is Not Alone by Scot Mcknight

“Woman’s stories must be told. We must end the silence of Junia and give Junia her voice again. So I’m urging you… tell the stories of women in what you write” -Scot McKnight I sat in class engaging in a tense, but civil discussion about the role of women in the church and in relationships. […]

A Dangerous Method

Check out my review of David Cronenberg’s newest film A Dangerous Method at The Alternative Chronicle: The screams of a young disturbed woman can be heard through the enclosed carriage as horses drag it along the bumpy dirt road. Looming ahead there is a large building that holds the appearance of a serene hospice. It […]

Best Films of 2011: My Top Ten

Although it is Febuary here is my list of the best films of 2011, in my humble opinion…. 10. Drive Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive is my favorite romantic film of the year. For those who have seen the movie this might sound strange, but the dialogue- less chemistry, the fleeting moments, and hidden glances give […]

Best Films of 2011: An Introduction

A profound sense of struggle was present in the cinema of 2011 Struggle for redemption For peace For understanding For answers For connection For love Struggle for water There was also a celebration of the art of film with movies that showed us the simple yet staggering power of the moving image. And how this […]