Best Films of 2011: An Introduction

A profound sense of struggle was present in the cinema of 2011

Struggle for redemption

For peace

For understanding

For answers

For connection

For love

Struggle for water

There was also a celebration of the art of film with movies that showed us the simple yet staggering power of the moving image.

And how this beautiful art form can elevate the basic and transform it into breathtaking cinema.

It was a year about the universe and humanity’s place within it. At first glance it was

The Optimist


The Pessimist

Looking closer it was not this simple, not in the least.

Films this year were unafraid of spirituality, demonstrating that we, like Jacob, are still wrestling with God. Such brave honesty results in thought provoking, even life-impacting works of art.

Best of all it was a year full of

Painstakingly human films.

Films that grappled and understood

The human soul in all its complexities

The joy, pain, and universality of what it is to be human

And for that I’ll always be thankful

Here is the first half of the top films of 2011, my honorable mentions one could say….

Still all of these films are great, seriously this year was such a solid year. All are worth seeking out and watching

20. Poetry

19. Higher Ground

18. Martha Marcy May Marlene

17. Of Gods and Men

16. Weekend

15. We Need to Talk About Kevin

14. Take Shelter

13. Beginners

12. The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

11. Tyrannosaur

My top ten will be posted tomorrow

In the meantime what did the films of 2011 mean to you?


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