Why Feminism is still Important and Relevant : An Introduction


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Often regarded as the other ‘f’ word, as a secret to be kept, or irrelevant. Often associated with excessive celebratory abortion, bra burning, or matriarchy. In today’s contemporary society, for whatever reason the word Feminism and the identification as a feminist is not a positive connotation.

Which is sad.

The Woman’s Rights movement, in my opinion, is one of the most important movements in the history of the world for it took a group of humans who had been treated less than human for the majority of history and fought, and continues to fight, for full dignity of personhood.

The feminist movement and subsequently feminism has done so much good in the past one and fifty years for women, men, and society in general. The beauty of feminist theory and feminist history is that it is not isolated, but is integrated into every part of our lives from the smallest details to the largest systemic problems. Its influence has “been felt in every area of social, political, and cultural landscape”[i]. This makes it all the more tragic that the word has been dirtied and given a negative connotation. The dominant societal narratives tell us that feminism is an outdated movement full of crazy women who hate men. If this isn’t an example that our society is still sexist, still patriarchal, and still not fully equal I don’t know what is.

For those blanket statements could not be farther from the truth.

Feminism changed my life. It helped me recognize my own privilege, helped me walk in others shoes, recognize the importance of giving voices to the oppressed and the marginalized, and deconstructed of my own pre-conceived notions of gender. It also strengthened my faith and showed me that when, practiced correctly, Christianity can be a liberating tradition[ii].

However this is just my experience. And so in order to demonstrate how important, far reaching, and diverse feminism was and still is I will be posting through out the month other peoples encounters with feminism and how it changed their lives.

So I hope you take time out of your busy weeks to read what these people have to say. They are all amazing people from diverse backgrounds and feminist movements, theories, alternative histories, and writers have positively affected all. In totally different and surprising ways. These are all people in their twenties, colleagues and friends of mine, demonstrating feminism is not a thing of the past. It is not archaic or dated.

It is alive and well.

And still has a lot to accomplish.

Here are links to all three posts:

Faith & Feminism

Academic Feminist & Queer Theory

Feminism & the Body


[i] Gamble, Sarah. The Routledge Companion to Feminism and Postfeminism. London: Routledge, 2001. Print.

[ii] Which is the title of Kristina LaCelle-Peterson amazing book. Probably the best I’ve read concerning feminism and Christianity.



  1. Wow, what an awesome and refreshing post. I consider myself a newcomer to feminism, but in the few weeks I’ve been reading and learning about it, my life has been changed as well. I am so glad to hear that feminism has strengthened your faith. I grew up in a strict Christian home, and whenever I mention feminism to anyone in my family the scoff or mock me, but I am determined to expose them to the beauty and importance of feminism.

    I look forward to hearing everyone else’s experiences! That’s one reason why feminism is so beautiful- no one is excluded from the movement and everyone’s unique stories contribute to the power of feminism.

  2. I’m so glad that despite being raised hearing those things you still decided to explore feminism! It can and does help so many people in so many diverse ways.
    Ya it is so strange to me how in a lot of Christian circles feminism has become a dirty word. Sad too. For me I see Jesus constantly fighting the social, physical, and emotional oppression of women through out all of the gospels. If God himself finds this important than I think Christians should too!
    Totally agree about the beauty of it!

  3. […] This is the first post out of four concerning the continued  importance and relevance of feminism. All four will be about different aspects of feminism and all will be from different voices. Read the introduction to the series here. […]

  4. […]  This is the second post out of four concerning the continued  importance and relevance of feminism. All four will be about different aspects of feminism and all will be from different voices. Read the introduction to the series here. […]

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