Lars von Trier & Provocative Visual Aesthetics


Lars von Trier, in my opinion, is one of the best living directors working today and one of my favorite filmmakers of all time.  His films are controversial, emotionally harrowing, and genius.

There have been so many great conversations about his films in relation to suffering, female representation, the character of God, and how far is too far (content wise)? Yet this is all thematic. Over at The Alternative Chronicle I wrote an article that analyses the provocative nature of his aesthetics. Here is an excerpt below:

Lars von Trier is using computer-generated effects, but not for action scenes or locations; no, he is using them for the sex scenes [in reference to news regarding his new film The Nymphomaniac). This is about as far as one can get from the Dogme95 movement and the style of The Idiots or Breaking the Waves. Lars von Trier is known for being provocative in regards to his images, stories, and themes. While this is undeniable, these elements often overshadow perhaps a more important aspect of the provocateur. In retrospect, von Trier has challenged and defied filmmaking rules and norms. His style and cinematic choices are daring, creative, and boundary-breaking in how they use the film medium to tell all kinds of unique stories.

Make sure to check out the rest here. And take some time to explore the site while you’re there.


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