Monthly Archives: July 2013

Where I’ve Been

If anyone takes a look at my blog they will notice that in between February and May there was a rather significant dead period on the blog. This is due to many contributing factors. First being that I was busy with the worst semester of my life. Second being that I was writing a lot […]

Why Feminism is Still Important and Relevant: Feminism & the Body

This third (and final) post  comes from a good friend I met at Biola. She is a compassionate, justice driven, intelligent woman who will do a lot of good in the world. Her story is a powerful and intense one that I’m honored to post. Trigger Warning: domestic abuse and abuse culture. *** I am […]

Why Feminism is Still Relevant and Important: The Power of Academic Feminist & Queer Theory

 This is the second post out of four concerning the continued  importance and relevance of feminism. All four will be about different aspects of feminism and all will be from different voices. Read the introduction to the series here. Jason Brown is another friend and colleague of mine from my time at Biola University.  During his time at Biola he constantly strived […]