Where I’ve Been


If anyone takes a look at my blog they will notice that in between February and May there was a rather significant dead period on the blog. This is due to many contributing factors. First being that I was busy with the worst semester of my life. Second being that I was writing a lot for other sources. Some of which are among my favorite pieces I’ve ever written and others I was just honored to contribute.

In case anyone is interested here are the links to the different articles I wrote or finished up over the past couple months.

I was lucky enough to write a series for Biola’s school Newspaper, The Chimes on how film can give us glimpses into the worlds of those often over looked by society.

Intro: http://chimes.biola.edu/blogs/2013/mar/08/escapism-films-relevant-culture/ 

Part 1: We Were Here

Part 2: Myunrangabo

Part 3: Chop Shop

This is the article that was published in Mutuality Magazine (they are incredible). It also won the Best Student Article of the Year from the Evangelical Associated Press:


I also wrote a blog post for Christians for Biblical Equality (they sponsor Mutuality) about how I came to care so much about gender equality in the Church and society:


Then there is my reflection on this past winters Sundance Film Festival…


Here is a blog post for the Biola Queer Underground about my  journey towards religious LGBT affirmation.


Oh and shameless plug for the short film I wrote/directed that just finished this past year Cause this was my life for the past year (okay maybe exaggerating a bit, but still it took a lot). Here is the trailer for Whiter Shade of Pale.

Hope you enjoy!

Hope this doesn’t come off as conceited.

~Andy Motz


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