About Andy Motz

Andy Motz is an ardent enthusiast for all things artistic. He loves photography, books, poetry, plays, and art. However his greatest love is for this thing called cinema. Andy believes art has the power to challenge or affirm our beliefs, make us re think the way we live, build bonds, and challenge us to truly see the world in all its complexities. We as receivers of art should “strike through the mask” and fully engage with it, not just consume it. He just finished his undergraduate education at Biola University in the complex/dirty/wonderful city of Los Angeles and is now attending  Chapman University for a Masters in Film Studies.  He is also currently submitting his recently completed short film  Whiter Shade of Pale to different film festivals around the globe.

As a writer he is always experimenting with new techniques to write about art and its themes. This site was created mainly for that purpose. So welcome, join the conversation, and strike through the mask.


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