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Best Books I Read in 2012

So begins my year in review. Starting off with the best books I read this year. Personally this year was unique in that I read just about as many (actually more) non-fiction books as I did fiction. A couple years ago I wouldn’t find myself picking up a book about theology or gender, but alas […]

Redefining Escapism

“First of all,” he said, “if you can learn a simple trick, Scout, you’ll get along a lot better with all kinds of folks. You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.”  -Haper Lee, To Kill a […]

Most Difficult Books

Last week two lists were released. Both are fascinating and both should provoke discussion. The first list is BFI’s 50 Greatest Films of All Time that is revised every ten years. The list was compiled from 846 top ten lists. It is an interesting list full of surprises like the inclusion of Jeanne Dielman and […]

Breaking the Silence: Junia is Not Alone by Scot Mcknight

“Woman’s stories must be told. We must end the silence of Junia and give Junia her voice again. So I’m urging you… tell the stories of women in what you write” -Scot McKnight I sat in class engaging in a tense, but civil discussion about the role of women in the church and in relationships. […]