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Django Unchained & The Male Gaze

“The magic of Hollywood is its skilled and satisfying manipulation of visual pleasure…in a world ordered by sexual imbalance, pleasure in looking has been split between active/male and passive/female.” -Laura Mulvey Quentin Tarantino is a master of the cinematic art form. For the past twenty-two years he has surprised, challenged, and entertained audiences and critics […]

Musings on Thanksgiving, Pedro Almodovar, and the Deconstruction of the “Nuclear Family”

Today is Thanksgiving, a time of warmth, happiness, and relaxation. For some. For others is a time of pain, quarrels, and frustration. Sometimes it is both. Last fall I saw a Q & A with one of the greatest living directors today: Pedro Almodovar. When asked what theme he constantly returned to, what theme has […]

Christ Haunted Images

“Behind me, I heard a man asking: “Where is God now?” And I heard a voice within me answer him: “Where is He? He is–He is hanging here on this gallows…” -Elie Wiesel, Night            It is the 1980’s and the AIDS epidemic is in full swing. People are dying left […]

Breaking the Silence: Junia is Not Alone by Scot Mcknight

“Woman’s stories must be told. We must end the silence of Junia and give Junia her voice again. So I’m urging you… tell the stories of women in what you write” -Scot McKnight I sat in class engaging in a tense, but civil discussion about the role of women in the church and in relationships. […]