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World AIDS Day

On this day we remember the lives that have been lost …. Many of these people loved so well and filled those around them with joy. The devastation that the epidemic wreaked here and abroad is horrific. Today can be a day of both mourning and of celebration. We mourn for the lives that were […]

An Open Table: Part of the Synchroblog for Sanity

Through out the past 3-4 years the Church (and the Christian faith in general) has been a place of struggle and frustration. I’ve witnessed both the astounding beauty and the shocking ugliness that can grow out of Church communities. At my Christian university I grew tired of the hate directed towards women, art, science, Democrats, […]

Brief Thoughts on Andrea’s Arnold Wuthering Heights

Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights is a phenomenal piece of pure cinema. It is brutal, sad, and haunting due to its ability to juxtapose and piece together evocative images. It, like last years Tree of Life, pushes the film medium forward into unexplored territory. Perhaps that is why some find it boring or a total waste […]

A Whiter Shade of Pale Promo Video

A Kingdom of Diversity: Moonrise Kingdom

Upon the release of Rushmore people pronounced Wes Anderson as a fresh new voice in modern cinema. His quirky characters, aesthetically succinct framing, and bizarre stories swept both critics and audiences off their feet. However only one feature film later, The Royal Tenenbaums, there was a questioning of Anderson’s ability to progress as a filmmaker. Would his movies, like those […]